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URSA Beam Current Changes

from Rob Lingelbach:
>--seemingly random-- the Ursa will be in 150uamps low beam, when I had
>300uamps high beam selected at the Ursa locally.

I can confirm that this happens at Post Logic. We had this problem back
last spring and after talking to tech support about it, they put a 'fix' in
the EMC code to keep the change from happening. As I remember it, there was
some arcane reason the EMC code thought it should change (and evidently
there is no status available from the URSA.) The fix was just a rule that
the EMC would not make a change in some circumstances. I don't remember the
details- it was only a partially logical situation.

Anyway, the symptom has returned in the latest software we installed about
2 months ago. I haven't gotten around to reloading older stuff to determins
when it changed. Perhaps daVinci software people dropped out the fix by

It would be useful to know if this happens on a newer system that doesn't
use the EMC.

David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)