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URSA Beam current settings

I observed last week:

- I was logged on as 'mfg'.
- I placed the URSA in and out of REMOTE several times. The local tally of
the beam current read low (150 uA.)
- If I put the beam in high locally, it would revert to low after going
remote and back to local.
- I went to the console and pressed READY. The message told me that the
beam was set to 300 uA. I pressed CMD, READY and the message told me that
the beam had been changed to 150 uA but the picture didn't change. I
pressed CMD, READY and the picture changed and the message said I had
changed to 300 uA.

Don't trust the daVinci tally of the current setting of the beam current. I
still don't know what rules it uses to determine the setting after
returning from local but I know it can tell you the wrong information.

David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)