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Re: URSA Beam current settings

David L. Tosh writes:
> I observed last week:
> - I was logged on as 'mfg'.
> - I placed the URSA in and out of REMOTE several times. The local tally of
> the beam current read low (150 uA.)
> - If I put the beam in high locally, it would revert to low after going
> remote and back to local.
> - I went to the console and pressed READY. The message told me that the
> beam was set to 300 uA. I pressed CMD, READY and the message told me that
> the beam had been changed to 150 uA but the picture didn't change. I
> pressed CMD, READY and the picture changed and the message said I had
> changed to 300 uA.
> Don't trust the daVinci tally of the current setting of the beam current. I
> still don't know what rules it uses to determine the setting after
> returning from local but I know it can tell you the wrong information.

We read the ready tally directly from the telecine's remote status stream.
(We don't poll for this, it just gives it to us whenever it thinks that we 
should know about it). We get it and report it back to the user.