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I recently had the rather nasty experience of having a D1
tape rejected from a post house in Chicago for color and
grain issues. I think its best that they remain nameless.

In the Los Angeles post production community there is a
loosely held code of ethics that colorists subscribe to.
This is especially true in the commercial, short form
arena. All of us admire the craftsmanship of other
local colorists, and understand the circumstances that
can lead to unusual color interpretations of a given
tape from out of house. We have all wrestled with a
challenging piece of film, or decision disabled art

My questions are, are we in Los Angeles the only colorists
who support one another? And is it ethical to disqualify 
another colorists work if the physical tape has acceptable 
technical standards otherwise?

Thanks, I feel better now.

Bob Festa				Hollywood Digital	
festa at netcom.com			6690 Sunset Blvd	
Compuserve 75140,3272			Hollywood, California 90028