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Re: ethics

Bob Festa sez:  "are we in Los Angeles the only colorists
who support one another?"

Snappy answers:  

1) But Bob, we think you SUCK!

2) We can't support you -- you're too heavy!

3) Sure, the LA colorists are OK, but watch out for those idiots in BURBANK.

But ya KNOW...

We generally haven't had too many outside facilities rag on us at Complete.  If
anything, the biggest whiners we've run into are the people at Canal Plus in
France, and the Network 10 guys in Australia.  Both of them can be real

You can never tell if somebody is rejecting a tape because of real technical
issues, or if they're just trying to rake some muck.  The only thing I can tell
you is, if you don't give them anything to complain about, they can't whine too
much.  If there's something that's on the edge, my experience is that they'll
get you about 90% of the time, just so the Q/C people at another facility can
justify their existance.  In that case, I find either a bribe or a bullet to
the back of the head can solve the problem.  

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood