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Re: URSA Slow Bus

Bob Festa asks:  "Marc, could you elaborate on the problem and
tell us how your system is responding now?
What was the fix? Did it work?"

They did do a software mod, but my ever-dimming memory recalls that some other
problem happened, which necessitated yet another fix.  As of last week, I think
the Ursa vs. DaVinci slow-down problem was solved about 50%, so it's not as bad
as it used to be.  It still gets a little cranky when you hit a magic event
number, somewhere over 500 events.  (We typically get well over 600 color/pan
events on an average feature reel.)

I had a pretty horrendous slowdown last night while doing a tape-to-tape from
D-2 to D-2.  Again, that was a situation where I had over 600 events. 
Sometimes I'd have to hit the transport button two or three times just to get
the damned tape machine to move.  All night, I had to make the console buttons
sound like castanets to get the job done.  

--Marc Wielage
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