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DaVinci/TLC interface Re: TtoT

Checking to see if anyone out there has tried to use TLC as an edit
control device in tape to tape mode. We have seen the oddest
behavior when we try to edit utilizing the TLC as a controller of our
source deck. Although we place the Da Vinci in the SLAVE mode as
specified, we see that in the actual EDIT mode,(and only in EDIT)
the frequency of skipped or non executed color corrections is quite
alarming. The odd thing is that if we simply play the source tape 
via the TLC all corrections latch without a hitch.It is only when we 
actually attempt an edit that the problems arise. We have spoken
with Florida and they are just as baffled as we are. We swapped out
time code cards but that has not helped the problem. I am just
curious if anyone else has seen this type of problem. For now I'll
just lay down the old fashion way...