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Re: Ethics

On Nov 22,  0:50, HUE4YOU at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Ethics

> Hi Bob, Wayne here. Could not agree more with your statements
> in regard to colorist cooperation. It is true that we here inLA feel a 
> kindred spiritl. This aint a political campaign folks, its our jobs. Lets
> support each other. If we're all lucky, we'll all retire to Barbados some
> day. 

Look, I'm with you guys regarding sticking together-- it's hard enough
battling the occasional contentious client, much less fellow colorists
or editors!  ..but especially in the light of our nearly instantaneous
communication worldwide via the net, and because we're in danger of
appearing elitist, let's not portray Los Angeles as having a more
fraternal atmosphere than other cities.  In fact I know that London
has (or at least used to have) a fairly convivial colorists' group, The
Sprocket Hole Club.  Good luck getting more than a couple of L.A.
colorists together in one place-- everything and everyone is just too
spread out here.

Regarding Barbados: pick your fantasy...mine is Natal, Brasil.


PS.  waiting for bt at editelNYC to chime in about that city's
fraternalism, and his personal dream of a taco stand in Santa Fe, NM.

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