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Re: Ethics

> In fact I know that London  has (or at least used to have) a fairly convivial
> colorists' group, The Sprocket Hole Club. 

To the best of my knowledge there hasn't been a sprocket hole bash
recently,but we have had some good one's in the past.
The club is open to anyone connected with Telecine so it's not just 
colorists but also film prep/treatment boffins,labs and equipment
suppliers....Rank put quite a bit of money behind the bar at the last 
one I went to although it didn't last long <g>.
Its a good way of catching up with old friends and talking to various
companies in a informal manner,this can sometimes be useful
in finding out whats in the pipeline for the future,the turnout in the
past has been very good bearing in mind the odd hours that goes 
with the job.
As you say it is easier for us to arrange something like this as 
there are at least 30 telecines within a 2 block size area with 
another 10-15? less than a mile outside that.

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