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Re: ethics

    Bob say's...>I recently had the rather nasty experience of having a D1
tape rejected from a post house in Chicago for color and
grain issues. I think its best that they remain nameless.<
    Why should the Chicago house remain nameless?  If someone stands up and
shouts "this guy Picasso can't draw as good as my kid."  they should be
prepaired for a rebutal.  
    Gentelmen and ladies of telecine, I would like to propose a general code
of ethics concerning telecine.   
    1.  Take no credit for your work.  That belongs to the photographer, good
or bad.
    2.  Blame not that ye be blamed.
    3.  Never play it safe.
    4.  Unless you screwed up, never redo for free.
    5.  Everything is subjective except for focus and framing.
    6.  Never drag out a session for personal gain.
    7.  Refuse to play the placibo button game.
    8.  Lying should be reserved for those deemed deserving.
    9.  Give everything, and keep no secrets.
  10.  Artists never compete.    

    Don't let 'em get you down, Bob.

Regards to the World Wide Club of the Sproket Hole.  Next time any of you are
in Santa Monica the drinks are on me.  Randy