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our list

I'll be on vacation from December 22 until January 9.  While I'm gone
I'm going to put the mailing list into "digest" form, which means that
for this period, any submission will be collected with other
submissions, and then sent out as a digest.  The number of
submissions, their age, and their size determine the frequency of
distribution.  I'm going to try to keep it programmed so that no
submission will be more than three days old by the time the digest is
mailed out.  

The email addresses for the list and to subscribe/unsubscribe remain
the same.  When I return I'll put the list back the way it was, unless
there is a majority preference for keeping it in digest form.  The
reason for doing the digest is that it will keep any looping problems
to a minimum (we recently had a horrendous loop, or "ringing mail"
situation, with a vacation autoresponder that doesn't do loop


I want to point out to all participants in this list --but especially
to the colorists-- that there are all kinds of people reading the
traffic we have here.  Besides colorists, we have magazine editors,
writers, telecine engineers, administrators/owners of post-production
facilities, editors, and just plain interested people.  In fact the
non-colorists outnumber the colorists; just take a look at our whois

The job of colorist has its pressures and unique demands, which can
engender a kind of clubhouse atmosphere...

It could be arranged to have a separate mailing list for colorists
only, if wanted.

In general I think there have been some very useful exchanges on many
different aspects of telecine on this list.  

..just my .02 worth, as a participant ;-).


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