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>From: JOHN JOHNSTON   3/7/KO  MC/00310  KMX 224-6222  K-NET 224-6222
Subject: Telecine on the Internet
Rob Lingelbach

Hi Rob,

I am the Market Segment Manager for Commercials & Music Videos in the Motion
Picture & TV  division of Kodak. I am interested in the comments of colorists
on the transfer characteristics of our films. I hear there is quite a bit of
enthusiasm over the 5287 which was introduced in October.

For your readers, we have just made available the KEYKODE Numbers Transfer Veri
fication Film in 35mm. 16mm will be available shortly. Kodak presented a paper
at SMPTE. More information can be obtained locally from George Gush at Kodak
in Hollywood - 464-6131, any local Kodak Motion Picture office or contact me
at 343 State St, Rochester NY 14650-0310;  716-724-6222
Internet address: lockovm2.slbc06 at Kodako.Kodak.com

Regards, JJ
"Make Every Second Count"

Rob Lingelbach KB6CUN  |2660 Hollyridge Dr LA CA 90068 213 464 6266 (voice) 
rob at xyzoom.alegria.com |"I care not much for a man's religion whose dog or 
rob at xyzoom.info.com    | cat are not the better for it."  --Abraham Lincoln