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Re: diamond display

In response to my earlier question about diamond displays, Bill asks...

Please tell us more about the diamond display and its limitations? BT


Well, first of all I have no first hand experience with the diamond displays
so this is hearsay, ok?  I have been told by colorists who have used it, that
the same pictures (video level, saturation, etc.) that they have been
producing for years in composite NTSC often exceed the diamond display
reference scale.  In theory, this means over deviation should occur once the
product is recorded in composite or transmitted over the air.  I guess it all
depends on the signal chain. 

They also indicated that the display was difficult to use as a replacement
for the standard vectorscope display and that it was all too easy to produce
an ugly picture while trying to keep the chroma within the double diamond
reference markings.

Since I have no first hand knowledge about using this display, I was hoping
that someone else in the group had some first hand experience and could
relate what they thought.