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archived traffic

I would like to make the retrieval of binary (as in zip'ed) files
possible by the listserver software, but I have to figure out the MIME
attachment source.  In the meantime, I am putting the month-to-month
archives of list traffic in ~ftp/pub/telecine as zip'ed files with the
month and year in the filename, for ftp.  For those of you with web
access, they would be in ftp://xyzoom.info.com/pub/telecine.


Rob Lingelbach KB6CUN  |2660 Hollyridge Dr LA CA 90068 213 464 6266 (voice) 
rob at xyzoom.alegria.com | O luar do luar so' interessa saber onde esta', 
rob at xyzoom.info.com    | que a gente precisa ver o luar  --Gilberto Gil