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telecine www homepage

I've started a series of World Wide Web telecine pages for xyzoom.
They're in the formative stages yet, but you can get to them from your
www browser (mosaic, netscape, lynx, or plain-old www linemode) with
the following URL:


Before you're disappointed, however, know that the only links so far
are to the "whois.txt" document (listing our subscribers, also
available via the archive server on the mailinglist), and to a
document about the html language.

Right now I don't have an httpd server running yet, so the URL has to
be as above, as an ftp connection.

If anyone would like to suggest (or create!) further appropriate
links, please let me know.


Rob Lingelbach KB6CUN  |2660 Hollyridge Dr LA CA 90068 213 464 6266 (voice) 
rob at xyzoom.alegria.com | O luar do luar so' interessa saber onde esta', 
rob at xyzoom.info.com    | que a gente precisa ver o luar  --Gilberto Gil