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Ursa beam current uncertainty, Web musing

Since upgrading our Ursa and daVinci 888 software, I've noticed that
when I put the Ursa in remote, and then operate the 888, at times
--seemingly random-- the Ursa will be in 150uamps low beam, when I had
300uamps high beam selected at the Ursa locally.  I can confirm this
with the "ready" key on the 888 (nice feature), but why is the beam
current switching down at all?  

Anyone else seeing this happen?  

Net news:

I spoke with George Gush at Kodak today, and he's going to put me in
touch with someone at Kodak who is involved in the internet (is there
a generic term for this type of person?) who can tell me if they have
anything going on in the World Wide Web, or if they can provide me
with links to hypertext documents we can include in our telecine page.
It would be great to get film stock specsheets on the Web, for

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