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Re: Ursa beam current uncertainty, Web musing

Rob Lingelbach writes:
> Since upgrading our Ursa and daVinci 888 software, I've noticed that
> when I put the Ursa in remote, and then operate the 888, at times
> --seemingly random-- the Ursa will be in 150uamps low beam, when I had
> 300uamps high beam selected at the Ursa locally.  I can confirm this
> with the "ready" key on the 888 (nice feature), but why is the beam
> current switching down at all?  
> Anyone else seeing this happen?  

When you say upgrading, do you mean upgrading to the Ursa's "New Protocol"?
Does this happen when you go <LOCAL><REMOTE><LOCAL><REMOTE> on the Ursa
without touching any Renaissance controls in the interim?