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Re: Ursa beam current uncertainty, Web musing

On Nov 15, 17:22, Andy Sackheim wrote:

> When you say upgrading, do you mean upgrading to the Ursa's "New Protocol"?
> Does this happen when you go <LOCAL><REMOTE><LOCAL><REMOTE> on the Ursa
> without touching any Renaissance controls in the interim?

No, I don't think it's a protocol change-- this was a firmware update
we were very slow on doing, I forget the version #.

I don't know, I haven't had a chance to check that Andy.  It has been
fairly random when it's happened-- I couldn't put my finger on
anything I did to cause it, other than switch into remote.

On Nov 15, 16:21, "Bill Topazio" wrote:
} Subject: FWD>RE>FWD>Ursa beam curren

>  Reply to:     FWD>RE>FWD>Ursa beam current uncertainty, We  
> Duane Fisher, our Telecine Magna-Guru suggests...
> Try selecting 300ua at the DaVinci CMD READY and saving SETUP 1 7 

}-- End of excerpt from "Bill Topazio"

I didn't know it was part of the SETUP, thanks a lot Bill and Duane.
Andy, that just might fix the "problem", right?


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