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Re: Avid Media Recorder Telecine

We've installed the MRT here at Post Perfect, and after using it for about 5
months now, I can see it developing into one of those products that you'll
wonder how you ever got along without. Our online editors who work offline
routinely ask for it, clients want it for the time savings, as well as the
fact that the original keykode and audio timecode numbers are automatically
entered into the Media/Film Composer database for easy edl generation.

What a lot of people don't know about the device is that it functions in a
logging only mode, so an entire dailies session log, in Avid formatted
bins, can be delivered to the editor along with the videotape. Now, the
editor can choose what takes they want to digitize, highlight them in their
bin, and still have the benefit of automatically entered keykode and
location audio timecode numbers. No more dealing with flexfiles*

BTW, we've tried direct to disk digitizing from film in AVR26 and it looks
beautiful. Also note that all audio from telecine goes direct to disk from
your original location audio tape without going through an extra videotape

Basil Pappas
Post Perfect, NY