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>  Does anyone see a need for more frequent batches of TAF from Kodak. My
>loops are crusty at best,and talking to Kodak
>reps,it seems supplies are low, as well as the priority of running a new
>batch. Any thoughts.
I get my TAF from George Gush, the telecine specialist in the LA office.
They do seem to ration it out but he comes through when I make a request.

A question: What do most people really use TAF for? Is it a daily setup
tool? Do you actually use it to set up daVinci basemems or even user
defined masking? BTW, I have been trying to find some reference material on
how URSA masking can be set to a particular film stock. What is the proper

A SMPTE group (under Paul Chapman) has been kicking around the idea of
operation alignment films. The idea is that SMPTE A&R and TAF may be more
an engineering setup and evaluation tool and that purpose specific films
may better serve the needs for daily operational checkout and adjustment.

David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)