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Re: Avid Media Recorder Telecine

David Tosh> How is it controlled? Given the existance of a high quality
remote link, can the MR exist at the client's location and be fed video,
audio and machine control over the link frm the telecine bay?

The MRT is controlled by a Time Logic Controller, the editing controller in
the telecine bay. Since this device is designed to provide a value added
feature to our dailies telecine service, I couldn't see why I would want to
install it in one client's remote location. If I keep it in our plant, then
many clients could have the use of it every day we do their film to tape

David Tosh> From a business point of view, will the facility rent disk
packs to the client or will the client be responsible for bringing their

Either approach is possible. Client disks need to be capable of the higher
resolutions, however, if they request them. That's a potential problem for
an operator in the middle of the night.