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Re: Ursa Gold: can we quantify?

On Dec 7, 15:04, KEVIN SHAW wrote:
} Subject: Re: Ursa Gold: can we quantify?

Kevin, some valuable comments indeed you've made about the Ursa Gold.

> The 10 bit architecture is a noticeable improvement when dealing with
> graduated backgrounds, smoke, and some transparency work (where the
> definition is higher due to the larger image size. 

I don't know if the sophomoric backgrounds I generally get would
benefit.  I understand what you mean; I've had visible quantization
with some backgrounds.  What size transparencies are you transferring--
35mm stills (so aspect ratio is as Super35mm)?

> It does however mean that if you are recording to an
> 8 bit device (D1), you need to be careful where you do the rounding
> down. The Da Vinci 8:8:8 does this much better than the VTRs 

Does this mean that you sometimes record the Ursa Gold's output
pre-color corrector?  I would think you'd always go through the color

> Just my opinion. The word in London is "With 4:4:4 you will never see
> noise so clearly!" 

This I also heard about the original Ursa, particularly from New York
City operators & engineers.  In Los Angeles, the Ursa's strengths
outweighed, and noise as an issue was swept under the carpet.

>  Jumpfree. I use jumpfree and never pin anything. I've never had a
> problem, and we've gone 15 layers. It is not absolutely
> perfect,neither is Stedi-Gate. 

Hmmm.  What sort of horizontal stabilization are you using: ceramic
skid plate, or spring-loaded roller?  By "15 layers", I presume you're
talking about exacting composite work.  I don't mind saying I find
your statement extraordinary...but maybe with a transport that's set up
absolutely right, along with Jumpfree...

> Now with stabilisers on Henry, and SGI software I think it really is
> good enough.

Can you tell me what the Henry does now for stabiliz(s)ation?  I
wasn't aware it had the capability.  Flame, yes.

> I'd be interested in what others think.
Me too.  Chime in, others.

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