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Re: Ursa Gold: can we quantify?

Jumping in to Rob and Kevin's conversation:

Rob: >Hmmm.  What sort of horizontal stabilization are you using: ceramic
>skid plate, or spring-loaded roller?  By "15 layers", I presume you're
>talking about exacting composite work.  I don't mind saying I find
>your statement extraordinary...but maybe with a transport that's set up
>absolutely right, along with Jumpfree...
My experience with our two URSAs and their standard skid plate is that they
were remarkably stable East to West. We could often avoid pin registration
when they were new. Hard to believe, I know but with fresh, properly
developed negative stock they look really good.

Kevin Shaw: >> Now with stabilisers on Henry, and SGI software I think it
really is good enough.

Rob: >Can you tell me what the Henry does now for stabiliz(s)ation?  I
>wasn't aware it had the capability.  Flame, yes.

Quantel showed 'ALF' on the HAL at this fall's LA World Media Expo
(formerly SMPTE). This is tracking software that repositions the frame to
follow a single target region. It has just started shipping as an upgrade
to V3.0x Henry.

David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)