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Re: Ursa Gold: can we quantify?

Rob>I don't know if the sophomoric backgrounds I generally get would
benefit.  I understand what you mean; I've had visible quantization
with some backgrounds.  What size transparencies are you transferring--
35mm stills (so aspect ratio is as Super35mm)?

Kevin>> 35mm Slides are the only type for which I have a gate- Is there another
gate I should know about ?

35mm slides are much more than Super 35 size. The orintation is at 90 degrees,
and the image is across 8 sprockets instead of 4. So in film terms I guess we
are talking more in terms of 65mm or 70mm. I generally have to use the URSA
GOLD selective contour controls to soften fine horizontal details, to avoid
(625) line interference

Rob>Does this mean that you sometimes record the Ursa Gold's output
pre-color corrector?  I would think you'd always go through the color

Kevin>>The URSA always goes through the color corrector, but my point was that
I found just leaving everything 10 bit does not produce the best results.

In my system I go Telecine, Color corrector , Noise Reducer, VTR. Rounding can
occur from color correction or any of the later devices, but I use the color
corrector (Da Vinci 8:8:8)