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Re: Ursa Gold: can we quantify?

My experience with our two URSAs and their standard skid plate is that they
were remarkably stable East to West. We could often avoid pin registration
when they were new. Hard to believe, I know but with fresh, properly
developed negative stock they look really good.
Kevin >> I have a "Golden Guide" Skid Plate made up by Paul Grace at Rushes
It replaces the roller with a sprung plate that is less prone to film edge
damage. Set Up and very careful cleaning is essential. Dirt on the skid plate
or servo roller is the most common cause of problems.

The "15 Layers" was an animation job. Many of the layers were critical,
although it is true that shadow masks are softened in compositing. The job was
on a standard URSA with jumpfree. I would not recommend it without jumpfree.

The Henry upgrade was installed here a few weeks back, and although it is
"only" 2D, it looks impressive to me.