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NAB products for telecine: our filter

We have the opportunity here on this mailing list to filter and
focus our attention on products and services that we determine might
be necessary or influential for our particular niche of the business.

I'd like to propose that in the next couple of months we look at the
manufacturers' promised and hinted-at new offerings for the trade show
known as NAB in Las Vegas, and produce a "telecine guide" that will
help those of us with a limited amount of (or no) time to spend there.  

Then, after the show, as a second phase we can summarize, debunk, and
generally analyze the products we saw, allowing those who couldn't get
to the show --or didn't have enough time for everything-- to extract
their own useful information.  This could be very useful for the
colorist or engineer abroad who can't get to the show.

What does everyone think?  (I'll volunteer to do the "official" guides
and summaries based on postings and publicity, if it's best
distributed on that basis.)


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