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Current Status of Kodak TAF

Rob, I received a copy of the LA Times piece about you via George Gush, so now
I know who I am talking to. Maybe one day we shall be sending pictures on the
net. Since I joined a couple of weeks ago I guess I have been one of the
"lurkers" you mentioned in your last note. Now I would like to add some value:

The subject of the Kodak Telecine Analysis Film (TAF) has
been discussed on the Telecine Net recently, and as Kodak has
recently joined the Net this gives us the chance to tell you
what is happening with TAF currently.

First, to clarify the objectives of TAF:

1. To provide a daily set-up tool to center your controls and
   give a reference for your transfers.
2. To provide a set-up and verification tool for color log
   masking matrix values.

TAF is NOT intended to provide a reference for geometrical
alignment. There are other test films for this purpose and
indeed the SMPTE H19.18 Working Group on Telecine Practice,
chaired by Paul Chapman (a Net member) of Unitel Video, is
working on improved alignment films at this time.

Kodak carried out a worldwide survey of TAF users this year
to clarify a number of concerns which had been heard from
colorists and engineers. The concerns were that after setting
up a telecine on TAF, picture footage often looked green and
overexposed, and that TAF was inconsistent from batch to
batch. We accept these points and are working to address them
to provide a more reliable tool for you.

We are revising the densitometric aims for TAF to correlate
better with current telecine practices, and we are verifying
its performance on our Rank-Cintel MkIIIc here in Rochester.
Our initial tests are looking very promising. Also, we shall
change our manufacturing procedure to improve consistency.

A new release of TAF, which will include the recently
introduced EASTMAN EXR 500T Film 5298 and EASTMAN EXR 200T
Film 5287, will be available through Kodak MPTVI Sales and
Engineering Representatives in the normal way in early 1995.

I hope this helps. Let me wish all Net members a very happy holiday season. I
am about to leave for a trip back to my native Scotland and will be back in
circulation around January 5th.

Regards, Alan Masson.
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