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NAB guide proposal

About one month ago I mentioned that it would be great to pool our
information in a guide to upcoming telecine products of interest for
the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas (is
it in March this year?).

I received one note in response, from Joe Moore at daVinci, that they
"welcome feedback and look forward to the results of our 'Guide'".

Is anyone else out there interested in this idea?  If so, we need to
start talking about the products.  

We have a number of manufacturers represented here on our mailing list
-- Avid, Pandora Int'l, daVinci, Kodak.   Could someone from those
companies fill us in on their offerings for NAB?   And anyone who
knows of *any* new telecine product, feature or option that bears
scrutiny at the show, let us know!  We can put this information into a
guide for attendees, and then debrief ourselves after the show, all of
which will be very useful for those of us who can't get to NAB this

We were talking some weeks back about the Avid Media Recorder, which
is finally shipping.  I'll compile that information into our Guide.


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