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DaVinci/TLC tape to tape

Hi I just saw your message regarding skipped color corrections during tape 
to tape, and wanted to say  "YOU ARE NOT ALONE"

We have also been dogged by this problem over a couple of years, and have 
had DaVinci swap timecode readers, and an aux board to no avail.  We  have 
been told several times that it would be addressed in some future software 

We did eventually get told the work around by DV in LA, who had apparently 
seen it before.  The solution is to press "cmd play" during the preroll to 
the edit, which forces DaVinci to reload its event buffers.  Since trying 
this, we have not had the problem with skipped corrections.  

One difference from your problem is that we had the problem both under 
DaVinci or TLC control, but never in film to tape.

Are there any two DaVinci's out there that are actually running the same 
software, without custom patches to make it work correctly????

Regards    Andy Toms

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