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Re: NAB guide proposal, welcome to Evertz

On Jan 12, 15:53, KEVIN SHAW wrote:
} Subject: Re: NAB guide proposal

> I think the NAB ideas pool is a great idea.
> I understand Digital Vision will be showing a new type of noise reduction.
> Lets get a list of products and stands that need covering...
> Kevin

}-- End of excerpt from KEVIN SHAW

So far the list is rather short:

Avid:  		Media Recorder
Digital Vision:	new noise reducer?
daVinci:	8:8:8 in software on an SGI?

So, anyone else:  what should we check out at NAB?

Today Shawn Fitzpatrick subscribed to the mailing list, he is the
computer tech support person at Evertz Microsystems.  Any information
or questions for Evertz posted here or sent to Shawn
(f1help at hookup.net) will be forwarded to the right person at Evertz.  

I thought I'd list the manufacturers represented here on our list:

daVinci Systems
Pandora International

...we should find out where Accom, Rank, etc. are hiding.

The countries represented so far on the list are:

Hong Kong

...as always, a look at the whois.txt file will give you some
information on subscribers who wish to include it (by giving it to
me).  Send a message to "telecine-request at xyzoom.alegria.com" with the
headerline "Subject: archive get whois.txt"


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