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  OFFICE MEMO                                                 Time:
                      BIT DEPTH

As we all know, one of the big selling points for URSA GOLD is the
10-bit output. And Renaissance, et al are 10-bit capable. But we all
still have lots of 8-bit hardware in place (such as ACCOM DIE-125 and
DVTRs as well as a ton of disk recorders) that we may not want to toss
out just yet.

Granted, a wider word is "better" (or is it just noisier?). Well, all
that aside, I just want to note that QUANTEL have demonstrated time
and again that 8 bits is OK, as long as it is used intelligently.

I of course refer to DYNAMIC ROUNDING. This algorithm, which has always
been available to other manufacturers, has proven itself over time. All
QUANTEL gear uses it and it seems to work, even over multiple layers.

Sure, the artifacts of gradations are improved with 10-bit stuff, but
they still exist. I believe that Dynamic Rounding does a better job of
making them go away than a wider data word.

What do y'all think about this, and would it be worth pushing the front-
end manufacturers like Rank and Davinci to use Dynamic Rounding in their

-BT bt at edny.univid.com