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An interesting point. Quantel are probably correct to some extent however, we at
da Vinci manufacture systems that are not items that are generally used in a
transparent state, unlike Quantel. We are often dealing with picture information
that requires much amplification, a sky that needs much more blue, as an
example. Henry and Harry, Ive not been involved with the newer Quantel
products, are normally cutting and pasting images which have been graded to
provide the correct signal level and only require a slight balancing of that

As a colorist in London, using an Ursa with Analog Renaissance and Accom DIE125,
I often saw those 8 Bit gradations on a gradual change of density, from one
side of the picture to the other. Fortunately the clients didnt, apart from the
odd occasion, where it was explained away as a failing of the digital format.
Certain filtering can be relatively effective but as a colorist, I would of been
happier to believe that the improved bit resolution, cured the problem, rather
than the filtering masking it.

David Catt

da Vinci Systems.