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Chicago, the new country

<< The countries represented so far on the list are:

Hong Kong
Chicago >>

I know that you folks in LA think of us as being way out there in the
"boonies", but I am flattered that you have given us the designation of our
own country.

I, too, would like to see as many fellow knob twisters as possible at the ol'
NAB, but I am also interested in generating a list of interested topics.
Nothing would make me happier than barnstorming a few booths as a group ( or
small ones in straffing attacks. Let's hear what the "salespeople" do

Personally, I am interested in RTS (Real-time-Steadygate),
Meta-Speed, Dav for SGI, Ultimatte for SGI, Accom, Alpha, and Magni.  Anyone
else care to list? maybe we can prioritize.

I know it has come up before, but anyone care to remind me the difference
between "anything" and RGB when it comes to legal color limiting on an URSA?
I have an occasional red channel problem where it doesn't track as well as I
would like it to. Someone suggested that it might be realted to legal color
limiting. I am skeptical of this; it seems more realted to a gamma table
error, or PEC gone bad. It's not a huge error, but it gets up my butt.

Happy twiddling,