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> I know it has come up before, but anyone care to remind me the difference
> between "anything" and RGB when it comes to legal color limiting on an URSA?
> I have an occasional red channel problem where it doesn't track as well as I
> would like it to. Someone suggested that it might be realted to legal color
> limiting. I am skeptical of this; it seems more realted to a gamma table

I can only tell you that my experience is that sometimes I have a
situation where I need some chrominance in hot whites, and whereas
with analog daVinci's I can get it, the 888 doesn't allow it if Legal
Color Limiting is set to RGB.  I suppose it's because there are signal
levels that are technically disallowed in D1 video.  But I've gone
ahead and introduced the chroma I need with LCL set to anything, and I
haven't had rejection problems (fingers crossed).  At times, however,
with LCL set to anything, I have chroma below sync level, and it
causes some color monitors to tear, at which point I turn it back on.

I used to see, on my 888/URSA, quantizing problems in certain values
of red, and on certain grayscale graduated backgrounds, that seem not
to have been a problem recently-- could have been cured with a recent
software upgrade.


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