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I am new to this list, but am very glad to have found it.

I'm a filmmaker putting in a low-end in-house telecine system.  Most 
work will be 16mm, lots of B&W neg, lots of lower end (documentary,
experimental) work.  Little or no TV spots.   I am in Alabama where there are
not a lot of other (or any other) telecines (unless the TP27 counts).  I
probably won't be doing much outside work unless I am talked into it.  (If
you think this sounds a little crazy, you probably don't want to know about
the film mix room and B&W lab I'm putting together!)

I am about to buy a used Bosch FDL-60B.  The price is very good (mostly a
swap deal), it's clean, not too old.  Needs tweaking -- I was going to have
Bob Bavis come out and set it up.  It comes with the highly unpopular Bosch
FRP-60 color corrector.  Anyone out there ever use one of these?  The 8"
floppy drive for the FRP is missing, but otherwise it's complete.  Also comes
with Bosch's grain reducer (mid 80's vintage).

My questions are:  is the FRP-60 going to be usable?  Are there other (used,
afforadble, non-state-of-the-art) correctors that I should look for instead?
 Is the FDL60 reasonably low maintenance (except for reseating the chips all
the time)?  

Any advice or suggestions before I make the plunge????  (Thanks CLEFFEL, for
your previous assistance.)

Jeff Kreines
DeMott/Kreines Films