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Re: Questions!

hi there;
As a post production engineer at a facility with a combination of equipment
from a variety of manufacturers....I would like to make the suggestion re:
BTS.  Think carefully about it.  My guess is that the equipment will work for
your needs, however should you wish to book outside clients, you may be out
of luck.  Clients do not like the look of the BTS telecines, and their scan
dynamics are not flexible enough for most uses.  There is another
matter...maintenance.  You will probably have a very difficult time getting
support from BTS.  Parts are almost impossible.  I could pretty much
guarantee that a board exchange program is not in place.  These machines are
rare, and as such there are not very many people who can work on them for
you...this leaves you prey to the inexperienced free-lance engineer who may
over state his qualifications, you don't find out the truth until too late.
 If you have a good person now, great, otherwise...caveat emptor.  I hope I
spelled that correctly..I never took latin.
I may have a name for you if you need it.
Good Luck