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Re: Questions!

On Jan 18, 15:58, Donna358 at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: Questions!

> BTS.  Think carefully about it.  My guess is that the equipment will work for
> your needs, however should you wish to book outside clients, you may be out
> of luck.  Clients do not like the look of the BTS telecines, and their scan
> dynamics are not flexible enough for most uses. 

I agree with Donna on these points.  But if I factor in that we're
talking about Alabama, that there will be no basis for comparison in the
state, that it is an in-house system, and that the material to be
transferred will mostly be B&W 16mm neg, I can understand the choice
of an FDL60.  If I were starting this operation I'd prefer to have a
Rank, but might be forced to look at the hard economic realities and
end up with the Bosch.


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