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>Sure, the artifacts of gradations are improved with 10-bit stuff, but
>they still exist. I believe that Dynamic Rounding does a better job of
>making them go away than a wider data word.
>What do y'all think about this, and would it be worth pushing the 
>end manufacturers like Rank and Davinci to use Dynamic Rounding in 

Dynamic rounding is little more than a form of noise injection called 
dithering, before Quantel Marketing got a hold of it.  It is useful in 
desensitizing the human eye to the steping in a digitized signal.  It 
can be injected at any time in the signal path to achieve the desired 
results.  There is already more than enough noise in a rank to achieve 
the needed results.  As for 10 bit VS dynamic rounding... use both!  10 
bit is more information and the more you have to work with the better.  
Dynamic rounding is a visual mask for digitizing, it has its place too!