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RE RE Bit Depth

Steve Grey wrote: 

>Kodak compresses to 10-bit print density (log).  This is basically good
>enough.  10-bit print density actually corresponds in color resolution 
>14-bit linear.  But the logical units of scanning depth are 8 and 16 so
>they always talk about scanning at 16 bits.
Thanks for the refresher on the details...

>One important thing to remember when combining either CGI elements with
>film elements and/or film elements that are shot on different stock, is
>that grain is not grain.  i.e. you need to choose a target grain style
>(based on the stock you want to emmulate) and add noise the corresponds
>in density and frequency to the target stock.  Just dithering doesn't
>really get you this.
I agree, dithering will not compensate for grain structure.