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10-bits: DNR's

> But I want to ask everyone: didn't I hear last year that Accom will
> have a 10-bit Digital Noise Reducer?  Or is it already out?

I asked Mark Pinkel of Accom today if a 10-bit Accom DNR is
forthcoming, and the answer was no.

So I resubmit the question: is there a 10-bit DNR?  Is the new Digital
Vision product 10-bit?


I am looking for more contributions to an "NAB guide for new telecine
products" for our group.  The list is still short:

Avid: 	 	Media Recorder
Digital Vision: new noise reducer?
daVinci:        8:8:8 in software on an SGI?
Options:	RealTime Steadigate
Ultimatte:	in software for SGI
		Ultimatte 7

...it should be noted that the Media Recorder and the RTS are not new
this year, but the Media Recorder is finally shipping, and the RTS is
engendering a lot of interest, even at what, $40k?

Craig Leffel mentioned Accom, Alpha and Magni.  What specific products
were you interested in Craig?  Let's get as specific as possible, so
we can narrow the light of our focus to a dazzling point of blinding
scrutiny.  ;-)


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