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Re: DAT or DIS?

At Post Logic we not only sync to dat cassette, we do recordings during the
film transfer under tlc control as well.  We have had several breeds of DAT
here, Otari, Fostex, and Sony amond a few.  The Otari is better used as a
boat anchor than an audio deck.  It does not sync at all well to video, and
the software is incredibly flakey.  The cassette mechanics are very
shabby..often bending when a tape is loaded.  The Fostex D-30 is a great play
back deck, does everything we need it to in a reliable fashion, but when it
comes to recording under remote control it has a major software bug..it
decides it is not in remote anymore..requiring power down for reseting.
 Another bug that occasionally pops up is that it forgets to unload a
cassette, again requiring power down.  The Sony is the only deck which, once
set up properly, (which can be a hugh chore) performed consistently and
reliably in both record and play modes.

If anyone on the list has any experience with Stellar DAT, I'd like to hear
from you.