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Re: DAT or DIS?

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Opinions? This group? Nah.

We have been using DAT quite regularly for our commercial and music
video clients for about 2 years now. The split is about 50/50 for
DAT vs. 1/4" tape.

Overall, I think the SONY 7030/7050 is the best machine for all-around
post use. It walks and talks like a VTR transport, so editor control
is easy. It has all the requisite timecode and gen-lock functions, so
it integrates well in a telecine environment. (including PAL and NTSC
use for editing).

TLC runs it just fine. And the reliability seems to be OK. We now own
2 such machines and have had relatively few problems, the biggest one
being a carriage alignment problem probably due to poor handling in

Bill Topazio / EDITEL NY

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Date: 01-19-95  8:36
From: HUE4YOU at aol.com

Looking for an opinion or two re. DAT machines. Some clients are
starting to whine about needing to sync with TC DAT. We still dont
get that many request, but now that the Nagra field DAT is all the
rage in europe, those wacky europeans! ....Wayne