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headers, list

Hopefully the mail headers on the mailing list-generated messages are
now fixed.  Replies from most mailers should now pick up the proper
address... if there are any problems, let me know???  It is not easy
getting all mailers to act similarly, when they don't conform to
RFC822, which specifies the header format.

Oh, by the way:

We've had a member unsubscribe because the list traffic has picked up
and he is on Compu$erve, which charges $ for mail through the internet
gateway.  I suggested he complain loudly to the CI$ administrators,
and switch his account to a real internet provider.  But it is the
reality for several people on the mailing list, we have several
compuservees... I hope there's no hardship due to the greater volume
of mail.  I expect the volume to increase, in fact, as the list's
resources are explored.


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