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Re: 10-bits- DNR's

>On Jan 19, 11:36, "VTA Engineering" wrote:
>} Subject: Re: 10-bits- DNR's
>> Ralph Edwards from VTA in Atlanta replies:  Look at the new Bosch MNR-11 with
>> digital wet gate - it is 10-bit, and a lot cheaper than the Digital Vision
>> Our comparison to the DV test tape with the MNR11 was very favorable.  Also
>> note:  the DV test tape is very interesting in that the unprocessed scenes
>Is this also called the Median Filter?

I believe it's an improved version of the Glitch Filter introduced on the
MNR10. The MNR series (from the 9 to the 10 and now the 11) has always been
really obtuse in terms of setup, with far too many operator controls. It
has median and recursive filtering, as well as the glitch filter on the 10,
and I've yet to really figure out what any of it means. All I know is that
we set the noise reduction to 5 and the enhancement to 3:1
(horizontal:vertical) and 15 and generally leave it alone. I've tried the
glitch filter on the 10 and found it to have no significant effect, but as
I'm rather frustrated with the myriad of setup parameters on the thing, I
might not have set it up correctly. The "digital wet gate" parameters were
added as an answer to the Digital Vision's rather vaunted (as of late)
ability to conceal film dirt, with the added attraction that the MNR11 is
supposed to be able to conceal scratches as well (including emulsion
scratches). I'll let you know how I feel about it when I see it.