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Re: headers, list

>Oh, by the way:
>We've had a member unsubscribe because the list traffic has picked up
>and he is on Compu$erve, which charges $ for mail through the internet
>gateway.  I suggested he complain loudly to the CI$ administrators,
>and switch his account to a real internet provider.  But it is the
>reality for several people on the mailing list, we have several
>compuservees... I hope there's no hardship due to the greater volume
>of mail.  I expect the volume to increase, in fact, as the list's
>resources are explored.
As a suggestion you might want to look at archiving the incoming posts and 
sending out one daily mail. This would help the Compuserve people who get 
charged on a per mail basis, and not a size of mail basis.
This is not an opinion, just a suggestion.