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Re: 10 Bit Noise Reducers

>I believe that the Digital Vision DVNR-1000 and the BTS MNR-10 are both 10 bit

I can confirm the DVNR 4x4 is 10 bit
Also if you are recording to (8 bit) D1, then selecting 8 bit output on the
8:8:8 Da Vinci produces better recordings than when 10 bits are selected. So I
guess Da Vinci does have a type of "Dynamic Rounding" Personally I prefer
recording 10 bits to Digi Beta

Anybody else prefer Digi Beta even though it is a compressed format ?

Is it not time that Quantel, and indeed Silicon Graphics introduced 10 bit or
even 16 bit hardware (with dynamic rounding!). I understand FLAME and FLINT are
also 8 bit restricted.