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 Reply to:     RE>>DVNR PROBLEMS
In response to the following re BETA pedestal...

If anybody is using ALPHA ADC/DAC equipment, you should know that the
A-320A DAC (4:2:2-RGB) converter is capable of providing 2 outputs of
BETA / YUV / RGB format. The 320A contains a PROM which is used for
some clipping functions. This PROM can be easily modified to provide
SETUP on the BETA components. (You lose some of the clipping functions,
but who cares).

You can try to get the PROM data from ALPHA, but knowing how things go,
if you have no luck there I can provide you with the data.

Bill Topazio / EDITEL NY

>> 4) No setup on YUV outputs for NTSC Betacam.

>we work around it by adding a switchable set up to the YUV output of the TK
>and use system black rather than DVNR black.
You mean you're using the analog components out of the Rank?  I need to get 
setup on the output of the DVNR, because the input is digital only in our