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Film Registration/Ralph Edw

                      Film Registration/Ralph Edwards
Have just read Craig Leffel's comments regarding RTS Plus! Kit.  Of course, I AM
on the payroll at VTA, with SteadiFilm also in the building.  However, I can certainly
second the emotion of his message.  We have Plus on our machines here
(naturally), and I and our colorists are quite impressed with the results,
having done numerous layering jobs successfully.  And, of course, these jobs
would have been far more painful pinning them.  I did have to go through a bit
of tweeking on the MKIII's when I added the Plus kit, but nothing too hateful. 
I also cannot see using DVNR to electronically stabilize the picture.  I also
have to say that I believe the color changes with zoom at 30fps which Craig
referred to has more to do with the URSA than with the MetaSpeed or Plus kit.

The other interesting thing to note is that the Plus option can also be used in 16mm
with the new Super16/16mm combination gate.  Of course, it will only be able to
be as good as the camera, but I've still never seen 16mm look this good.  To me,
the RTS Plus system is one of the more significant developments in telecine to
come along in a long time.

-Ralph Edwards