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registration blues


Thanks for your comments regarding registration in telecine.
It appears that the most vocal support comes from the RTS with MetaSpeed
Plus camp. Interesting, in that I felt someone must be doing something with
electronic registration or stabilization. Perhaps those with the answers
prefer to remain quiet. Unfortunately post-production has become rather
cuthroat when it comes to weapons selection. Anyway, Peter Gabriel taught me
to never trust a man who shouts what he's found.

At any rate a few more questions:

Any RTS servo abnormalities in normal operation? PinUp has left me with a
bad shuttle and film pack aftertaste.

Any classic MetaSpeed picture slicing or other picture artifacts?

When I ran an EPR installation. I let all of my imagery pass through the box
steady and charged only those who booked it. Whats your use/booking/billing
policy with RTS/ MetaSpeed?

What is your definition of steadiness as defined by pixels or percent?

Will RTS with MetaSpeed Plus be shown on the floor at NAB and where?

As a final aside. In the Los Angeles market there has been a great deal of
standardization of tools in the telecine environment. I think you will find
that all of the top facilities are URSA, TLC, Renaissance, Power window,
based. This adds a real sense of interchangability to imagery that floats
around our community and I think this is healthy for clients who hop around
quite often. As much as I encourage individuality, I'd love to see some
standardization in the registration arena.

Well, there you go. Any other burning comments are surely welcome.
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