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On 1-24-95 Rob said:

>3) daVinci's patent on anything having to do with "windowing" in
>telecine processing.  Chutzpah supreme.  What if Grass Valley had
>patented wipes?  (maybe they did?)

>Disclaimer: as a businessman, if I had the opportunity to patent
>windowing and get away with it, I probably would.  But I shouldn't get
>away with it.

The following comment is not an official daVinci response to the above, just my own 
personal observation:

I don't know all the details, but I believe the other color corrector manufacturers have also 
patented unique aspects of their systems, and in at least some cases, have used lawsuits 
or threats of lawsuits to harrass their competitors. I suspect that perhaps the Sarabien 
(sp?) Corporate patent lawsuit frenzy started this trend, and the color corrector world may 
have been an entirely different one today had this not happened. But it did, and I think the 
other manufacturers have gotten into this whole patent thing as at least some insurance or 
protection  against threats from the other guy filing patent lawsuits against them. As usual 
in such cases, the lawyers walk away with the money, and the end users are stuck with 
systems that may be less useful than they could be if this nonsense didn't occur. 

Just my own politically uncorrect thoughts.